Like many of you, Liz wants to live in a world filled with peace and compassion. At times, this may feel like a hopeless dream considering recent events. Luckily, humanity has been given gifts in the form of The Crystal Children. They are here to help us evolve towards peace and harmony. Liz's mission is to educate parents, teachers, and caregivers about the Crystal Children. Thus, empowering the Crystals to confidently generate the changes and shifts they were sent here to create. Effectively facilitating the transition towards peace and compassion, across the globe.

You may be surprised to learn that Liz spent much of her 20's in a linear thought pattern. Best described as black and white, with very little grey area. Of course, spending 3 years as a Police Officer and 6 years as an Emergency Communications Officer can create a thought process conducive to linearity. Not until she became a mother for the first time, did that all begin to unravel. Liz's eldest daughter is a fierce representation of a Crystal Child. Her second born, is also a combination of high vibrational energies, as an Indigo and Crystal hybrid. Further unraveling the linear thinking, Liz gained awareness of how to communicate with the spirit of those who have crossed over. Meeting with several hundred clients, Liz observed an obvious trend. All but a handful of clients received messages regarding the Crystal Children. Later, a soul reading by a mentor, revealed that Liz was appointed "Mother" to the Crystal Children and serves as an advocate for them.

When not in workshops or meeting with clients, Liz enjoys running, and being in the great outdoors. She and her family take in camping, fishing, and the trails, that northern Minnesota offers.

Liz currently offers 1/2 day workshops: "Enlightened Empaths", " The Crystal Children" , and "Nurturing and Parenting the Crystal Children". As well as Spirit Readings, Reiki energy healing and Expanded Awareness Coaching.

The Enlightened Empath 

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Self -Discovery  

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Personal expansion coach for Empaths Crystals Indigos and Sensitives

An Empath is a person who absorbs the energies of other people, places, animals, objects..

Impacting their energy, health and mood